Medical Board Consultation

Representation of Health Care Professionals

An investigation or inquiry from a health care professional licensing board can be daunting and unfamiliar to the average health care professional.  Such individuals have the right to be represented by an attorney throughout the process of investigation by the professional licensing board.  The attorneys at Coffey Law have extensive experience representing and assisting individual physicians, dentists, and nurses in investigations or inquiries by the Medical Board, Dental Board, and Nursing Board pertaining to a variety of issues relating to clinical practice and personal challenges. Our attorneys are uniquely qualified and equipped to assist physicians, nurses, and dentists at all levels of involvement with the Medical Board, Nursing Board, and Dental Board.  Such investigations and inquiries by professional licensing boards are likely to have permanent and lasting effects on professional licensure, making representation by an experienced attorney a valuable asset throughout the process.

Health care professionals can also face challenging issues relating to peer review and credentialing matters in their professional interaction with hospitals and other health care organization that can have lasting effects on professional licensure and hospital privileges. The attorneys at Coffey Law also have extensive experience representing individual physicians, dentists, and nurses in peer review and credentialing matters and are equipped to provide legal representation in such matters.